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A Letter from our Founder

I am truly sorry for your loss and offer our deepest condolences and understanding to you and the grieving family.

An inheritance from a loved one is meant to improve the lives of heirs that honor the memory of the one that has passed.

However, the reality is that the PROBATE process can leave heirs stranded and waiting any where from 9 to 24 months, or more, before anyone can receive their fair share!

I created Advanced Loan Inheritance to fix that problem and provide heirs a Fast and Easy way to access their inheritance cash today. I encourage you to browse around our website, it’s packed with great information you may be looking for.

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If you are an Estate Heir,
You don't have to Wait for Probate.

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    In order to qualify or receive an Inheritance Cash Advance, You must be an Heir or Executor in a probate case, in a USA or Canadian Court, and the case must be handled by a licensed probate attorney.
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