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If you’re an executor to an estate in probate, then you may be eligible for an immediate Executor Cash Advance! With our simple 3-step process, you can gain access to a portion of the estate assets to improve property, pay estate bills, taxes or cover legal and insurance costs, Risk Free!  And as an added Executor Benefit, ALI will cover up to $500 towards your Executor’s Bond insurance!

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What Is An Executor Advance?

An executor is someone –typically a family member – appointed to be responsible for managing an estate after the passing of another. This means they will pay off debt, ensure remaining money and belongings are distributed properly, and overall carry out the wishes of the deceased.


An Executor Advance is an inheritance cash advance that is given to the executor to cover estate expenses and property improvements during the often lengthy legal process known as probate.

Am I Eligible For An Executor Advance?

If you are an heir to an estate and have been appointed as the Executor, then you are eligible for an executor advance.  We will need to review and confirm your role as Executor to the Estate along with the registered probate case and assets to fully determine eligibility.

We start with a free consultation with a friendly and knowledgeable, ALI Funding Executive.

Our trained professional staff will take the time to clearly explain the process and answer all your questions.

Review the Estate – We Check and Confirm Your ProbateCase Documents.

We review the information you have provided along with the petition for probate and the Will (if one was left by the decedent).  Our Team of funding professionals quickly review basic estate information and paperwork to confirm that there are enough assets in the estate to fund your inheritance advance quickly.

Receive Your ALI Executor Advance in 3 Business Days or Less.

Once we have your completed agreement and we have confirmed the estate assets and your rightful inheritance share, we then wire funds directly to you. We can generally get you cash-in-hand, in as little as 3 business days, after we receive your application and require documents.

What Can I Spend My Executor Advance On?

Real Estate Property Repairs & Improvements
Funeral costs
Paying off Estate debt or bills
Estate Legal Fees & Insurance

Want To Learn More About Our Executor Advance Program?

Executor advances are unique and at Inheritance Advanced, we pride ourselves on providing the best products and professional customer service that help families move beyond their tragic loss and get on with a fruitful happy life. Just as their loved one had intended. Contact us today to work with one of our inheritance advance experts.

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    In order to qualify or receive an Inheritance Cash Advance, You must be an Heir or Executor in a probate case, in a USA or Canadian Court, and the case must be handled by a licensed probate attorney.

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