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Fast And Easy Process

The entire Advanced Loan Inheritance funding process can take as little as 3 days.  In most states and municipalities, all the necessary paperwork and signatures can be completed easily online.

Access To Your Inheritance Cash Today.

We typically advance up to 30% or more based on the amount of inheritance you expect to receive.  And with proper probate documentation, you may qualify for the ALI “Same Day Pay” program.  Ask you ALI Funding Executive for more information on this innovative program that can put inheritance cash in your hands within the same day period.

No Income, No Credit, No Problem

We advance cash based only on what’s in the estate.  Employment history, income, or credit score do not matter.

100% Risk Free Guarantee!

ALI provides our customers with inheritance cash advance services.  This is not a loan.  Employment is not required, and we do not use credit checks to determine if you qualify.  You are never responsible for the repayment of the advance.  Our company is paid from your share of the inheritance when probate is completed and the ESTAE distributes funds.  The ALI inheritance advances your received is paid back and the remaining inheritance is paid directly to you.  This is not a loan and you are never personally responsible for repayment.

Use Your Money How And When You Want

Our company provides you with an inheritance cash advance, how and when you want it!

There Are No Strings Attached.

Advanced Loan Inheritance will advance cash from your inheritance today, so you can use it any way you like.  ALI will wait for probate, so you don’t have to.

If you’re an executor to an estate in probate, then you may be eligible for an immediate Executor Cash Advance! With our simple 3-step process, you can gain access to a portion of the estate assets to improve property, pay estate bills, taxes or cover legal and insurance costs, Risk Free!  And as an added Executor Benefit, ALI will cover up to $500 towards your Executor’s Bond insurance!

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Start enjoying
your inheritance.

Fast, easy, risk-free.

    In order to qualify or receive an Inheritance Cash Advance, You must be an Heir or Executor in a probate case, in a USA or Canadian Court, and the case must be handled by a licensed probate attorney.

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