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Our funding executives take the time to explain the process, pricing, and answer all your questions.

Document Review

We review the petition for Probate and Will to confirm enough assets are in the estate to fund your advance.

Final Agreement

We can get you cash-in-hand, in as little as 3 business days, after we receive your application and documents.
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Our Inheritance Cash Advances help heirs like you receive a portion of your inheritance payout in just a few days. We then wait and are paid directly out of your share when the estate finally closes.






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Benefits of Inheritance

Fast And Easy Process

Receive your money in as little as 3 days. Transfer forms and documents electronically and receive funds the same day you’re approved.

Zero Hidden Fees

We quote you a flat fee up front that’s all you’ll ever pay. You’ll never incur interest charges, late fees, or any other costs. We even offer substantial rebates for early repayment.

Credit Not An Issue

Good credit is never required. We verify liens and judgments with a credit report but it’s not an issue if you have no credit or bad credit.

Use It How YOU Want

We don’t dictate how you spend your money. Our cash advances are perfect for paying off existing debts, making a mortgage payment, financing a car, covering expensive medical bills – you decide!

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    In order to qualify or receive an Inheritance Cash Advance, You must be an Heir or Executor in a probate case, in a USA or Canadian Court, and the case must be handled by a licensed probate attorney.
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